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The Triggy Way

From notification to placed bet

1. Native live score notification
2. Personalized NextBet suggestions
3. Pre-filled betslip in your sportsbook

Product offering

Enhance your sportsbook with notifications, NextBets, live score widgets.


Provide your users with notifications about their favourite games for a fun and fast live betting experience.

Match notifications

Notifications sent for match start, goals, cards, etc. Activated by a simple toggle on/off feature.

Custom notifications

Create custom notifications using triggers for odds, goals, time, cards, corners, shots, etc.


NextBets are engaging and relevant bet suggestions based on events in the match and player betting history.

Give your players what they want!

Knowing when they will bet,
knowing what they will bet on,
every second of the game!

When to use it?

NextBets can be utilised in many different ways such as marketing material and notifications.

NextBets as a service

NextBets is offered as an API service that can be purchased seperately from Triggy.

Live score widgets

Sports widgets and betting relevant live score visualisations that players want - no more need for 3rd party live score apps.


We offer operators and platform providers a number of easy and fast integration alternatives. Both turnkey solutions and more tailored versions. Our solutions works across all devices (web and mobile). Get in touch to discuss what option fits your product the best.

Martina Åkerlund

Darran Miner

VP North America